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Fujima Seiyumi Kai is a Japanese dance group that offers classes to those who are interested in learning about Japanese culture and tradition through dance.  The group participates in the summer festival at VJCC by teaching ondo dances to the public in June and presenting a program of traditional, folk and contemporary dances.


Private lessons in Nihon buyo (Japanese dance) are also available for those who would like to delve deeper into the Japanese performing arts.  Students will learn how to dress in a kimono and yukata, gracefully manipulate a fan, become familiar with Japanese etiquette and language and receive training in music appreciation and dance.  Students of all ages are accepted. Arrangements can be made with the instructor regarding lesson times.

For more information regarding the Saturday classes and private lessons, please contact Dianne Fukuwa (Fujima Seiyumi) at 310-217-0443 or email


Fujima Seiyumi Kai is also involved in various community fundraisers, cultural activities and special events.  They often volunteer their time to promote the aesthetic beauty of Japanese dance through programs that appeal to the general audience. In addition, the group has collaborated with the entertainment industry on special film and television projects.

Exercise/ondo classes meet most Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in the Multi-purpose Room.  The class is geared to those who would like to do easy warm up and cool down exercises.  Also included are simple ondo dances consisting of repetitive step and arm movements to make it a fun hour. Comfortable attire is recommended.  The fee for each lesson is $5.00.

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