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19th Annual VJCC Golf Tournament

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

After a 2 year hiatus, our VJCC annual golf tournament returned.

Players chose to play as an individual (Medal Play Format, 18 hole individual scores, usually in 3 Flights) or submit a Team of 4 Players to play in a Team Scramble.

We started off the day by eating a delicious breakfast in the morning, follow by the golf tournament and finished up the day with usual awards luncheon, golf ball drop and raffle drawing.

Don't miss out on next year's tournament!

Check out the pics from the Golf Tournament!


Check out the players starting a very fun day and heading out to the first tee box!


Check out President Bob Onishi and Board Member Ken Nagao tossing golf balls all over the place! VJCC Golf Ball Roll Video

Below is a list of the generous donors who purchased a chance to win the VJCC Golf Ball Roll! Thanks to everyone for helping to support VJCC.

VJCC Golf Ball Roll - October 2022

Ball # & Name

V1 Todd Nakamoto

V2 Todd Nakamoto

V3 Dave Ifuku

V4 Dave Ifuku

V5 Scott Nakatari

V6 Scott Nakatari

V7 Scott Lohmann

V8 Scott Lohmann

V9 Jodi Komesu

V10 Jodi Komesu

V11 Reese Komesu

V12 Matt Saito

V13 Don Nakagiri

V14 Ronnie Nakagiri

V15 Brian Nakagiri

V16 Gary Akioka

V17 Justin Nakagiri

V18 Kyle Nakagiri

V19 Dean Wake

V20 Darrren Wake

V21 James Tsuchimori

V22 James Tsuchimori

V23 Ron Eto

V24 Ron Eto

V25 Ken Yamasaki

V26 Ken Yamasaki

V27 Tom Yoshida

V28 Tom Yoshida

V29 Ronald Matsuda

V30 Ronald Matsuda

V31 Ernie Miyashiro

V32 Ernie Miyashiro

V33 Robert Oishi

V34 Robert Oishi

V35 Ryan Imagiire

V36 Ryan Imagiire

V37 Jeff Nelson

V38 Jeff Nelson

V39 Anoy Altobelli

V40 Anoy Altobelli

V41 Ron Acosta

V42 Ron Acosta

V43 Ed Dominguez

V44 Ed Dominguez

V45 Robert M Shiraki

V46 Robert M Shiraki

V47 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V48 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V49 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V50 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V51 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V52 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V53 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V54 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V55 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V56 Catherine Silman/V Pioneer Project

V57 Chris Oyama

V58 Chris Oyama

V59 Chris Oyama

V60 Chris Oyama

V61 Chris Oyama

V62 Chris Oyama

V63 Chris Oyama

V64 Chris Oyama

V65 Chris Oyama

V66 Chris Oyama

V67 Mark Oune

V68 Mark Oune

V69 Mark Oune

V70 Mark Oune

V71 Mark Oune

V72 Mark Oune

V73 Mark Oune

V74 Mark Oune

V75 Mark Oune

V76 Mark Oune

V77 Lois Tateishi

V78 Jerry Gallard

V79 Norm Matsubara

V80 Norm Matsubara

V81 Brian Matsubara

V82 Brian Matsubara

V83 Scott Matsubara

V84 Scott Matsubara

V85 Christine Matsubara

V86 Christine Matsubara

V87 Venice Pioneer Project

V88 Venice Pioneer Project

V89 Venice Pioneer Project

V90 Venice Pioneer Project

V91 Venice Pioneer Project

V92 Venice Pioneer Project

V93 Venice Pioneer Project

V94 Venice Pioneer Project

V95 Venice Pioneer Project

V96 Venice Pioneer Project

V97 Lance & Barbara Wakasa

V98 Lance & Barbara Wakasa

V99 Lance & Barbara Wakasa

V100 Lance & Barbara Wakasa

V101 Lance & Barbara Wakasa

V102 June Inai

V103 June Inai

V104 June Inai

V105 June Inai

V106 June Inai

V107 Linden Nishinaga

V108 Linden Nishinaga

V109 Kazie Kame

V110 Kazie Kame

V111 Kazie Kame

V112 Kazie Kame

V113 Kazie Kame

V114 Kazie Kame

V115 Kazie Kame

V116 Kazie Kame

V117 Kazie Kame

V118 Kazie Kame

V119 Kazie Kame

V120 Kazie Kame

V121 Ron Acosta

V122 Ron Acosta

V123 Pat Bowen

V124 Stephanie Wolk

V125 Micki Wolk

V126 Patti Matsubara

V127 Sharon Aratani

V128 Sharon Aratani

V129 Scott Aratani

V130 Scott Aratani

V131 Rikki Aratani

V132 Rikki Aratani

V133 Keith Shimazaki

V134 Keith Shimazaki

V135 Kristin Shimazaki

V136 Kristin Shimazaki

V137 Alan Matsuzaki

V138 Alan Matsuzaki

V139 Alan Matsuzaki

V140 Alan Matsuzaki

V141 Alan Matsuzaki

V142 Alan Matsuzaki

V143 Alan Matsuzaki

V144 Alan Matsuzaki

V145 Alan Matsuzaki

V146 Alan Matsuzaki

V147 Diane Yoshikawa

V148 Diane Yoshikawa

V149 Dan Hong

V150 Dan Hong

V151 John Sang

V152 Gary Takaki

V153 Gary Takaki

V154 Tak Shimazaki

V155 Tak Shimazaki

V156 Brian Matsubara

V157 Christine Matsubara

V158 Scott Matsubara

V159 Norm Matsubara

V160 Patti Matsubara

V161 Bethley Matsubara

V162 Ken Nagao

V163 Jeanne Nagao

V164 Kyle Nagao

V165 Dylan Nagao

V166 Ken Nagao

V167 Jeanne Nagao

V168 Kyle Nagao

V169 Dylan Nagao

V170 Ken Nagao

V171 Jeanne Nagao

V172 Todd Conover

V173 Todd Conover

V174 Keiichi Ono

V175 Keiichi Ono

V176 Keiichi Ono

V177 Keiichi Ono

V178 Gary Hongo

V179 Brayden Kai

V180 Les Kumagai

V181 Bob Onishi

V182 Bob Onishi

V183 Bob Onishi

V184 Bob Onishi

V185 Bob Onishi

V186 Davin Daimonji

V187 Davin Daimonji

V188 Davin Daimonji

V189 Davin Daimonji

V190 Wes Baba

V191 Wes Baba

V192 Sharon Uyeda

V193 Sharon Uyeda

V194 Sharon Uyeda

V195 Sharon Uyeda


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