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Venice Koshin Taiko

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LA Marathon

Join Koshin Taiko twice a week to learn the fundamentals of taiko, culminating in a group performance for the LA Marathon. 

Ages 9 and up, all skill levels accepted. 

First Class: 1/8/2023 (Sun.)

Marathon: 3/19/2023 (Sun.)

Practices: Tuesdays & Sundays

Taiko is at once a hobby, a skill, a challenge and a community. Rhythm, movement, enthusiasm and dedication are the qualities that bring the members of The Venice Japanese Community Center’s Koshin Taiko together.

We offer taiko lessons, where you can also learn more about the Japanese culture at the same time. Our club meets Tuesday evenings form 7pm until 8:30pm in room 3 and Sundays in the gym from 12:30pm until 2:30pm in the gym. We participate in many and any events where they want taiko, such as the LA marathon, Japanese Cultural Events (i.e. Dodger or Clipper games), XBOX events, Katsuya openings, weddings, birthday celebrations & corporate events, and more. With every performance our goal is to share these qualities with our audience. The word Koshin means “Bright Spirit” in Japanese.

Our members feel that a performance is successful only if we can pass the lively, festival spirit of Taiko onto every member of our audience. Sensei Etsuo Hongo has directed the group since 1992. The infectious and driving rhythms of his compositions and the fluid movements of his choreography have become the easily recognizable basis of our style. Hongo Sensei has written several pieces for Koshin attempting to capture and accentuate the lively spirit of the members. The spirit of Koshin is unique and Hongo Sensei expresses our uniqueness in every composition.

Koshin’s bright red drums are also unique to the group. Taut ropes stretch rawhide heads across the wooden cylinder drum bodies. While this style, called Okedou in Japanese, is a common accent to many Taiko groups, Koshin is the only group in the U.S. to use these drums exclusively. The bright colors and springy timbre of these drums make them an apt instrument to convey our energy and spirited sound.

It is a great cultural, musical, physical, mental, social & performance activity all in one!

If you would like to learn more about Taiko and Koshin Taiko in particular, please visit our website  at or email us at

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